About the Authors

An adventure of this magnitude—needs a team dedicated to creating the best story possible for a few bucks and a long roll of yarn.

Kit Gaumé has been burdened with an overabundance of creative luggage his whole life. He has a multitude of unfinished stories and broken storylines. So, he decided to kick it into high gear and finish what he started. Kit enjoys taking walks with his cats. He also performs arcane pixel rituals to create graphic art for Mythlande. When using the keyboard thingy, he enjoys drinking lukewarm aged coffee and prefers typing stories mainly using the hunt and peck method. For some obscure reason, Kit creates all his digital art using the computer mouse.

Melody Gaumé has become the ramrod and co-writer for Mythlande. She also has the researching skills equivalent to a scrundle of librarians. Melody has always had a keen interest in mythology and fantasy, fueled by her degrees in Art and History. Her infusion of ideas has spurred the book writing process.  When Melody isn't researching or writing, she likes being outside, when the weather cooperates and works in her raised garden beds. Melody's favorite Author moment was getting a picture with Robert Jordan at a book signing in Seattle.

Harmonious Editor & Researcher