Current Book Project: IN THE DEPTHS

The newest book project is IN THE DEPTHS. A very engaging story that takes place in the Mortal Plains, on a remote planet called Sherot. The Mortal Plains is in the Fifth Realm of Mythlande.

The Mortal Plains are divided into Eight different Universes or O'ctals. Planet Sherot is in the Th'era O'ctal. The symbol for Th'era is below.


This Mythlande story is set in the Mortal Plains and is very exciting. A boy finds a mysterious object after a storm and with the help of his Uncle and little brother, they hope to score big salvaging a sunken ship. 

When things go wrong...Sherriff Wal is called in. 

We are now in the final process of writing and editing. Kit is creating chapter icons and book-cover art.

The cast of characters is intriguing, and the setting is on a planet with 18th-century technology.

This story will be the first stand-alone MYTHLANDE TALE. It will be in paperback and e-book. Estimate around 300 plus pages.